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Tenorshare iCareFone Review – A must have Software for iPhone users

Tenorshare iCareFone Review – A must have Software for iPhone users

Some days ago, my brother bought a new iPhone 6s. Now the phone was great, but since he was an Android user, he doesn’t know that what are the restrictions that were made on the iPhone.

So, make sure that he can manage his iPhone correctly, I started searching for software that helps iPhone users in transferring data and doing other such stuff.

After searching a lot, I came to find this awesome piece of software. The Tenorshare iCareFone, this software has all the things that an iPhone user need. I mean, you can do a lot of things with this software. You can transfer music, movies, photos, contacts and many other things with this software. You can also transfer the calendar details and the bookmarks.

More to that, you don’t need the iTunes to transfer any of these. You can do it very easily with iCareFone.

Tenorshare iCareFone Review

You may think that it is like any other software, but that’s not the case here. This software comes for both Mac and Windows, that means there is no problem in the installation. The requirements are also very low, so no matter what are your system configuration is, it will run.

The features of this software include many special things. One of those things is the ability to repair the iOS system all by yourself. You can install the latest firmware very easily with it and without losing your precious data.

This can be done when:

  • Your phone crashes a lot
  • You are stuck at boot screen
  • Your phone restarts randomly
  • Your phone is not responsive
  • Your phone heats a lot

So basically it will help you a lot. More to that, as I told you before it can be used to transfer data between your system to your iPhone or iPad.

I know the feeling when an iPhone becomes slow. I mean, that thing is very irritating. That can also be treated by the iCareFone. This software will automatically speed up a slow iPhone and make it processing very fast.

More to that, have you heard about the DFU mode. It means the Device Firmware Update mode, in that mode your iPhone will be connected to the iTunes but will not load the boot loader of iPhone. As the name suggest, this is used to update the firmware and it is very tricky. That can be very easily done via iCareFone. You can easily go to iPhone DFU mode and then update the firmware.

It also has a special feature that automatically delete junks files and compress photo. If you are thinking what would be its benefit. Then let me tell that in turn, it will increase your memory. So you don’t need to delete anything from your phone. All the files which are not necessary will be automatically deleted.

More to that, it will take an auto backup of photos and delete them. So that you don’t have to do anything and you will get more memory into your device.

With that, we know that there are many apps which we don’t use anymore. This software will tell you about those apps and then you can uninstall them in one click.

The features does not end here. It has a special feature of removing ads from many popular apps. Such as YouTube, Hulu, and many others. So you will get the right amount of entertainment without any interruption.

The Tenorshare iCareFone works for all iOS devices. Even with the latest iOS 9 devices.

It will work for all the latest iPhones, iPad and the iPod Touch. If you are a user of one of these devices then it will be a must have app for you.

Download iCareFone For Windows From Here AND Download iCareFone For Mac From here.

So that’s all on Tenorshare iCareFone Review

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Can Mobile Replace Console and PC Gaming?

Can Mobile Replace Console and PC Gaming?

As we all know that day to day, the smartphones are getting much more powerful. I mean a simple and cheap smartphone would still be more powerful than old computers.

Because of that, many gaming companies are coming into the app market with many great games. So, the question arises Can mobile replace Console and PC gaming.

Well, if I talk about me then I am not much of a fan of Mobile gaming. But, I am a hardcore PC gamer and that may be because I am playing on PC from a very long time. I also know many other people who love mobile gaming and then even made such scores which made a mark on the leaderboards.

The mobile gaming industry is developing so faster that, now you can play casino on your cell phone. I was also surprised by this fact, but it is true. You can play mobile casino games at casino.comSo with that, you do not need to go to any club or something like that. Even you do not have to go outside the house or even your room. And you can play it whenever you want and where ever you want. This type of independence can only be given by mobile. Because in the case of console and PC you have to sit at the same place. But there are certain other things in that determines the fact that whether mobile are able to replace the console or not.


I asked this question to those people who are more into mobile gaming and I got some awesome replies from them.

Despite the sea of possibilities being offered by console and PC gaming. Mobile gaming is hands down the best.
You can download games from any category you like from the app stores and tada! Get set go.
Despite the huge processing capabilities and added benefits of graphic cards, Pc and console gaming limits our possibilities and affects our mobility too. Let’s face it, one cannot pick their PC to every room of the house and neither can they be taken outdoors.
Nevertheless, with mobile gaming, you never have to put a stop your gaming time. You can play on the go and be where ever you want without your movability being affected.
Over the years mobile gaming has evolved a lot and with repeated enhancements has surfaced to be better than PC or console gaming.

We already getting the best headphone for our smartphone. I mean those things are either very cheap or free.

With that, many tech companies are also making Joy Pad or Joy Stick for the Android Smartphones. Well, that will also make the gaming experience better. I mean it will give you a feel of console and PC gaming. At a much cheaper rate, you get many games and a gadget that do most of your work.


I know many of you still wondering that what about the small screen. Well, that’s a good question. I mean whatever perks are coming with the Mobile gaming still it has a small screen.


Well, I also asked that same question and I got an answer. The thing those people told me was VR Goggles. And yes, that was the answer. I mean the Virtual Reality goggles made our small size phone to a large plasma size television. Well, that be the answer to those people who hates the small screen. More to that, the VR goggles experience is quite good. I mean, I have tested it and I enjoyed it a lot.

So my final answer is, yes Mobile is definitely capable of replacing obsolete gaming techniques and be the future of gaming.

MCSE Certification – Getting endorsed by the technology leader

MCSE Certification – Getting endorsed by the technology leader

Microsoft founded in 1975 is global leader in software technology. The company is now certifying the professionals for their expertise in using Microsoft software solutions. MCSE, which stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is also one of the renowned certifications offered by this software giant to validate the knowledge of the software professionals. MCSE certification can be attained after attaining MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification and is the advanced certification required by the professionals working in functions like systems management, identity management, networking, virtualization and modern datacenter. If you have not yet been endorsed by the technology leader for your skills then here are the details you may know.


More about Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certification is based on the training material designed by Microsoft. The training material is based on the Microsoft software and the certificate is issued when the exams are cleared by the candidate.

The course is designed by Microsoft while the exam is offered by Certified Microsoft Partners. The final certificate is issued by Microsoft depending on the course opted. The courses are of small duration addressing single software or there are advanced courses like MCSE too that are designed to address complex solutions and design systems.

MCSE and its benefits

MCSE is for the IT professionals working on Microsoft Technologies. The specializations included in this certification are –

  • Private cloud
  • Server infrastructure
  • Enterprise apps and devices
  • Communication
  • Sharepoint
  • Data platform
  • Messaging
  • Business Intelligence

The benefits that you can expect from this certification are –

  • Being a part of Microsoft community

When you successfully attain MCSE certification, you would automatically be the member of Microsoft Certification Community. This would be the most effective way of networking with the potential employers. You will also be the part of MCP directory where you would find other Microsoft Certified Professionals for career discussions. Being a part of this community, you will receive regular updates and mailers regarding the upcoming training program, events or conferences for further knowledge upgradation.

  • Keeping pace with changing technology

IT industry is the fast moving industry where the skills go obsolete very soon. Continuous upgradation of knowledge is important to remain in demand amongst the employers. MCSE is amongst the latest certifications and those having this certification are considered to be conversant with the latest Microsoft Technologies. Updating your knowledge set would be very easy once you attain MCSE.

  • Getting a competitive edge

Your potential employer may filter the CVs based on several criteria, out of which MCSE would be the major one for those looking for the professionals to handle advanced Microsoft Technologies. The credentials endorsed by the experts themselves would work as the best tool for getting identification. MCSE certification may be required if you are looking out for job in operating systems and server. This certification will give you a competitive edge over other candidates who may not possess that.

MCSE Certification course is available online from reputed training firms. You can look out for the Microsoft partner companies to get the training with complete support till you are certified by Microsoft for your knowledge and skills as Solution Expert.

5 websites you should check when you plan to travel

5 websites you should check when you plan to travel

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the five websites which can make your travel a lot cheaper. I used these sites recently when I have to book an Air Ticket. That was a complete trouble for me, most of the trouble happened because there was only a single flight for that route. But, why am I telling you my booking story.

So, let’s move forward with this topic.

5 websites you should check when you plan to travel

Make My Trip

Make My Trip is a great website to book plane tickets, train tickets, hotels and holiday packages. This site always runs a lot of offers. That means it is guaranteed that you will save money.

More to that, you can also buy the holiday packages from here which will give you more options to save money and all the troubles. The best thing is, you can search for flights and trains here and if there is a route then it will tell you.

It will also tell you the price and duration of different airlines so that you can select the best one.


ClearTrip, as the name suggest, is a very similar site to Make My Trip. On this site, you can book air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets.

Book hotels and there is also one other interesting thing about this site is its activities. Now in the activities, you can buy the things which you wants to do.

This site will do the similar work to find the details of all the flight or train of your route.


IXIGO is travel search website. Unlike other websites, it does not book a ticket from their system. Instead of that, it sends the user to the official website of the flight provider. It is a one-stop destination for all the tourist. Where you can do search for many tourism-related things.

IXIGO was founded by Aloke Bajpai who is an IIT Kanpur pass out. Now, we all know that getting admission into IIT is a very tough job. So, we know that this site is very good.

Since we are on the topic of IIT so, also checks out the jee main 2016 syllabus.


Musafir which in English means Traveller. Now the name describes the functions of the website. In this website, you can get the details of all the flights and train.

More to that, there is also a Visa page here. So, if you need any assistance in getting a visa then they will help you with that as well.

Unlike IXIGO, it books the ticket in their own system first and then book the ticket to the flight distributor. That means, the ticket you get will have your name but not your address.


I do think that you have already known about this site. Well, like other sites through this site, you can search for hotels can book flights, train and buses.

More to that, GoIbibo has tied up with many private bus service providers. That means, that you can find many buses and will have the choice to select the seat as well.

GoIbibo always runs some offers so that will give you some discount on any ticket you want. When you book flight and hotel at the same time, then you can save up to 40% of your money.

So that’s all on 5 websites you should check when you plan to travel.

Feature Image Credits – Designed by Freepik

The Rise of Cyber Liability

The Rise of Cyber Liability

As technology progresses, so do the risks and threats associated with it. Cyber liability is an up-and-coming problem that you need to know, especially if conduct business online, which almost everyone does. Cyber liability is the risk that a company incurs when it engages commerce or business over the internet and through other networks. Risk can also be attached to the use of electronic storage technology of payment information or other sensitive information. In this article, we’ll discuss the trends in attacks and breaches over time, insights into who is carrying out these attacks and the motive behind them, the impacts this crime has on businesses and consumers, and ways in which businesses can offer protection to both themselves and their clients.

Trends in Attacks and Breaches over Time

Cyber attacks can be categorized, broadly, into three different groups: cyber spies, cyber criminals, and cyber activists. For this article, our concern is with the second: cyber criminals, as those are the ones targeting companies and stealing financial information. Threats are evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and according to CBS, there are 1.5 million cyber attacks per year. Monetarily, the statistics are even grimmer: the FBI has totaled the amount of money lost to cybercrime at a whopping $781 million. 7% of US organizations reported a loss of $1 million or more, and 19% reported a loss of $500,000 or more due to attacks. Data breaches that steal consumer information are up 62%, and 43% of companies reported a data breach where hackers targeted their clients’ personal information.

Insights into Who’s Carrying Out these Attacks and Why

Cyber attacks are often carried out by foreign criminals, but the majority of spam, malware, and viruses are produced by the US. According to Forbes, many cybercriminals work in countries such as China, Brazil, or Russia, where tech jobs aren’t always available even if the individual has an education. With a degree in computer science, they can either be unemployed and poor or work in an illicit industry and make a large profit.

According to a former police officer, IT specialist, and author of the book Scene of the Cybercrime, Deb Shinder, cybercriminals aren’t always easy to profile. Their motivations range from money to thrill-seeking, and oftentimes, those two motives are conflated. The rationale behind the crime isn’t easy to pinpoint either; often, these cyber criminals have a skewed perception of their position in the world and feel entitled to the profits of business, even though they’ve had no part in earning them.

Impacts on Businesses and Consumers

The impacts of this crime on consumers and businesses are, as you can imagine, devastating. In addition to the statistics on monetary damage shown above, controlling and fixing the situation can cost a large amount as well, both on the part of the business and the consumer who was targeted. The business also loses reputation and, consequently, sales, as they have the proverbial “Red A” marked their chest that warns consumers that the company is not secure enough to work with. Target, a massive retailer, is an example of this. Target had a data breach that affected 40 million credit cards from a little under 2,000 stores across the country. Hackers went through Target’s POS system to get the information, and Target had an uphill battle restoring consumer confidence and scrambling to fix the scandal before it got any worse. While the succeeded in doing so, it required a tremendous amount of money and manpower.

Ways Businesses Can Protect Themselves & Their Clients

Dismal as these statistics and case studies may be, there is hope: you can protect yourself from cyber crime through diligence, caution, and good software systems that are designed to protect your business from being attacked. Cyber liability insurance is another must-have in this day and age. Cyber liability insurance offers coverage in the event of a cyber attack, particularly coverage for defense costs as a result of a claim due to a breach of privacy. This insurance will provide risk-management for your business in the event of the worst-case scenario.

If you’re a victim of cyber crime, you don’t have to become a statistic; nor do you have to lose your business or clientele. With these types of attacks on the rise, cyber liability insurance and protection is an extremely important safeguard.

some basic considerations will go a long way such as maintaining good computer habits: i.e. use a firewall; install and maintain anti-virus software; use strong passwords and change them regularly; and limit network and physical access.

In addition to improving security health organizations need to consider specific insurance. Data breaches are not adequately covered by general medical malpractice insurance contracts, like Oros Risk, which tend to have modest provisions for cyber liability and data breaches, but these protections do not approach the potential cost to business and consumers. Consequently, it is important that organizations have adequate cyber-liability insurance. Standalone insurance policies with sufficient limits are both available and relatively affordable; and if a data breach occurs, the policyholder works with a data-breach coach who coordinates a rapid response. Some policies also cover fines and penalties and protection from third-party lawsuits but these are rare if a rapid response is well coordinated. The policyholder can purchase varying coverage limits dependent on the need of the organization.

Breaches of health information can have serious consequences for both providers and patients.  The effort and expense associated with investigation, forensics, mitigation of damages, lost good will and reputation, billing problems, and monitoring and untangling consumer credit are significant and can have far reaching effects for all parties. Patients concerned about security may be less willing to disclose important health information, and breaches of medical PII can lead to medical identity theft, incomplete medical records, and physical harm to the patient. Clearly, the breach and misuse of medical PII, or even the perceived risk of breach or misuse, can cause physical as well as financial harm to both clients and the organization. Organizations should ensure they communicate with patients and should emphasize that the organization places a priority on the security and confidentiality of personal and health information.  The organization should also back these communications with documented, ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain a culture of commitment to the privacy and security of patient data.  By putting steps like these in place, health organizations can protect both themselves and their patients, and improve the quality of individual care and community health. and get into contact with a good lawyer, such as David Heil, a Walt Disney World accident attorney. For further advice on how to pursue your claim in court, either consult them for information or search for a relative article online.

Even if the injury isn’t serious, you may still receive compensation from it. This isn’t about glamour, after all. and pedestrian accidents and understand the need for designated pathways. and the name it was registered under, and any evidence you have to support your claim. As always, keep copies of any communications undertaken on the matter, including copies of your own letters and e-mails. Be sure to warn them as well if you intend to take the matter further – this both ensures you’ve satisfied your obligations and may intimidate them into paying what’s owed.

Contacting an Attorney

If you’ve not received an adequate response from the insurance company and you’re positive you’re in the right, approach an attorney and ask them for advice on how to proceed further. There are numerous law firms that also specialize in insurance law who will be willing to help you out, and most firms offer a free consultation upon the first contact. They will be able to read the policy you’ve agreed to with a lawyer’s eye, and give their advice as to how watertight your claim is.

If all is green, you’re clear to take the matter further to court. Make sure you have all the evidence previously mentioned, and follow your lawyer’s advice closely. This can make or break your claim in court.

Reach App – A new way to share things with your friends

Reach App – A new way to share things with your friends

Hello fellas, today I am going to tell you about a new app which would make your sharing a little easy. This is a great app and believes me because I am telling you from the experience.

So, I was told by someone to check out that a particular application on the play store. The name of this application is Reach App. N0w the features of this app are really great. So, I tried it for a week and here is my review.

Get it on Google Play

Reach App – Review

REACH APP - Review By TechnoCR

So what this app basically does is, it lets you share your files. But for this to work, you don’t need to be near from the device. I mean, you can share the items in your phone from anywhere.

For example, what will happen if you go on a trip and a friend capture all the photos. Now, it would be a lot of work for him to send these photos to every other friend. Instead of doing that, he can just simply share it with Reach App, and all the friends can take those photos without any hassles.

Reach App – How it works?

REACH APP - Review By TechnoCR

When, I used this app, the first thing came to my mind was, that how this thing works. I mean, it can send the data from my phone to their central server and then my friends can download that data from there.

But this is not the way this thing works.

It does not use any server that uploads the data. It uses the P2P or Peer to Peer connection. That means, there is no middle person who is managing the data. You will be the sender and the receiver will directly connected to you. So, by that your privacy will also remain safe.

This is a great feature, but this feature is a double edge sword. I mean, to share things the sender and receiver have to be connected to the internet. And, if you have a high-speed network and sender has a slow uploading speed, then you will get very low downloading speed.

Basically, it’s like Torrents which is also work on P2P connections.

Reach App – Features

More to sharing just photos, with this app you can share music, videos and even apps and games. It also has a discovery feature which is quite interesting. By this feature, you can discover the popular things among your friends.

REACH APP - Review By TechnoCR

For example, if I like a song too much and I am listening to it all the time then it will be shown on my friend’s discovery section.

By that feature, you will get new content and will know what your friends are doing.

REACH APP - Review By TechnoCR

More to that, you have the ability to set your apps to private or public. If you choose to put them in private mode, then your friends can’t see them. And, if they are on public mode then your friends can see them and download them through your phone.

So what are you waiting for Download the app and try it yourself.

Get it on Google Play

Lava V5 OverView –  #NeverMissAshot

Lava V5 OverView – #NeverMissAshot

Today, we are going to learn about a new phone Lava V5. It’s a new Android Smartphone which is made by, as the name suggest Lava. We all know that Lava has brought us a very high variety of cool Mobile devices. So, that is why we are going to see what is the special thing in this Lava V5.

Lava V5 has 4G and it was launched in January 2016. Lava V5 has a display of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. It is powered by 1.3Ghz QuadCore Processor. To boost it, even more, it comes with a 3GB RAM.

Lava V5

Lava V5 – Overview

As we all know that multitasking is a necessity and it has all the things to do that. I mean the processor and the RAM are so good that with them you can do a lot of multitasking.

It has a rear camera of 13.0 MegaPixels and a front facing camera of 8.0MegaPixels. Its camera is very good with a super fast 0.18 sec autofocus time. I mean, with that you can capture a fast moving object very beautifully.

Lava V5

It will also give you a very good image in the low  light. Since it has an ideal F2.0 aperture and a good LED flash, you can capture stunning photos in the low light. It also can record videos in full HD. I mean you can record videos at 1080 pixels quality.

If you are mad about selfies then, it will help. It is having a front facing camera of 8.0 MegaPixels and 84 degrees of wide angle lens with a F2.2 aperture and LED flash. It also have a Beauti-fi feature, which will make your snapshot a little better. So, that means no more bad selfies.

So, with all that I do not think that you will ever miss a shot. More to that, this phone has a battery of 3000mAh. We all know that the battery is very important since we do many things on our phone.

Well, with this battery you can use your phone for a greater period of time. So, isn’t that great?

For fashion conscious people, this phone has a very sleek design. The metal frame and the body gives a premium look to this phone.

Lava V5

With all those things, this phone is coming with Android 5.1 and soon it will be upgraded to Android 6.0. And in other features, it has 4G, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 16Gb internal memory and some other things.

Lava V5 Price is been set to Rs. 11,299 only. Which is quite cheaper for all of the above features.

So, that is all on Lava V5.

Why don’t you go to their site and find more about Lava V5.

IAMAI – Indian Digital Summit Delhi

IAMAI – Indian Digital Summit Delhi

On 9th and 10th February, I attendant the IAMAI Digital summit which took place in The Lalit, Delhi. Now, there were many things to offer by the IAMAI. Since IAMAI is greatly focuses on tech and mobile startups and other such things, so there was many things which were very interesting.

IAMAI – Indian Digital Summit Delhi

This summit has the industries most successful business man. There were four rooms in which different scenarios were going on in parallel to each other. So, I attended the one which focuses on Startups and how to hire smartly.

Although, I am not that into business but I do like to know more about the startups and all the other important things.

One of the famous persons who was there was, Mr. Sandeep who is the founder of Droom. He is also the founder of ShopClues which is one of the biggest eCommerece website. He told us that how the initial team is very important when you are starting a business. He shared his story about, how he brought his team from other countries. And, those people helped him in building the ShopClues.

The MD of InternetFunds also has the same philosophy. He said that when you hire someone then always discuss it with your team. I mean, he said that never take the complete decision, always discuss it with your team.

Mr. Sumit the CoFounder of GiftXoXo said that the, first set of people you hire must be the best. He meant that, the first set of people for the job must be honest and loyal to you.

Mr. Adhil shared some of the things from his past experience. Mr. Adhil is the founder of Bank Bazaar and most of the things that this site do is, interacting with the consumer on the internet. He said that, if you do not engage with the customer, then you might lose him. So, for him Engagement is the key to a better business.

Also, there were many great things when you are facing a tough competition. Mr. Nikhil, who is the founder of Credr said that, your product differentiate you from your competition. That clearly means that, if your product is good that no matter who your competition is, you will take the profit.

I also saw many startups there. One of them was KarmaCircles. It is a very interesting startups which is following the Quora like techniques. In this, you can ask about your problem from the industry experts. I mean, literally the industry experts. Here, many industry experts are already registered and they will share their knowledge with you for free.

So, overall it was a great experience. I am also embedding the Tweets which I made while I was in the Summit.

MTBD #SmartTrucking with Better Mileage

MTBD #SmartTrucking with Better Mileage

I always thought think that Mileage is a very important issue when we go to buy a vehicle. Well, there are several reasons for this. I means, we all know that the Petrol or Oil is a non – renewable source of energy. That means, once it gets depleted then we would not get any more oil.

But, do you know that a mileage of a truck is very important for all of us. Yes, you heard me right, it is important for all of us, whether we have a truck or not.

I know what you are thinking, that how a truck’s mileage be important to us. I mean, we did not have any truck or something like that, so how does it affect us?

MTBD #SmartTrucking with Better Mileage

I will tell you how it is important to us. We all know that, there are many things which are imported from other city everyday. I mean everyday, all the milk, vegetables and other such things are brought into your city.

And guess who bring them? They are trucks who are bringing you all these items.

Now, they take a fee for transporting all of these things. So, when the mileage will increase that means, they will spend less money on fuel. So, the transportation charges will be less and we will get the product at a cheaper price. But, if the mileage is less then its opposite will happen.

So, now do you understand that how a truck’s mileage affect all of us.

To solve this problem Mahindra Truck and Bus has made a new engine which take do less consumption of oil and give better output. The name of this engine is Blazo and it is based on the latest technology. It has a Unique modular cylinders for engine gives low maintenance and repair cost.

With that, it is using a new technology which is known as Fuel Tech. It is provided in the form of three switches. Mahindra declared that, it will give you unbeatable mileage without compromising on the power. That means, you will still get the powerful accelration but a higher mileage as well.

Mahindra is so confident about this truck that they are guarantying it. And, if this truck did not give a better mileage than your last one, then you can bring the truck and get your money back.

It is coming in many different sizes and because of that, truck owners can choose according to their needs. I mean, what type of items they used to deliver and all that. More to that, all the trucks that falls under this category are promised to provide better payload capacity.

So, why don’t you check it out yourself through this link.

I’m writing this blog post for the MTBD #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda.


The impact of the wish

Hello guys, this is my tenth post in the creepy series. So, all the things written here are completely fictional.

This story is about a business man whose name was Sam. Sam was 45 years and he has a beautiful wife and a son who was 19 years old and was suffering from cancer.

The business of Sam was running great and they were all happy. But one day, something unexpected happened. A fire blast happened in one of his factory and many precious items were lost.

He went bankrupt and many of his shares was lost. He was thinking of something or some way which can restore his company.

He was getting no idea on how to manage the situation. One day he was roaming on road and an old man stumbled upon him. The old man said, “You look worried?”. To which he replied and told him all the things that happened.

The old man said, “May be, I can help you.”. To which Sam said, “how?”. The old man gave him a mask and said that this mask can fulfill your three wishes. But, he will take one most important thing from you.

Sam thought that this was a joke but he kept the mask. He then asked the mask to restore his company. And the next day he heard the news that a big deal is accepted. He gets lots of profit from it. With this money he restored his full company.

Now, he was assured that this mask can do whatever he want. For the next wish he wished a lot of money. The next thing he knew that, he got an email. The email from a lottery company and it stated that he won a lottery. The prize of the lottery was too much.

This made Sam more happy. He got so much money that he did not have to work for his whole life. He was so happy and was enjoying the life a lot.

He thought that what would he want for the third wish. He thought and thought a lot but he did not make a decision. Then one day, a call came from hospital saying that his son is in critical condition.

He then took the mask and wished for his son’s cure and it was done. The next day, his son was riding the bike like he was never ill.

Sam was so happy to see all of it. He thought what can this mask would take. He thought that may be it will take the money. But, he has so much money that he did not care about that.

Suddenly, loud noise reached his ear. It was coming from the road, just outside his home. He went outside and saw that a huge accident happened there. And one of the person died in that accident and he was his son.

So that was the impact of the wishes.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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